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Parka Coats, Keep Warm This Winter

The ground is cold murky mud, your boots are covered, caked in this putrid mess. The rain continues to fall as it has for the last thirty days. You are isolated from everyone else, a fur edged view of the fields your only picture. You feel warm and dry, despite the harsh conditions of the outside world. Your hands buried … Continue reading

Elvine, Sales Reps & Vision

So in walks the Elvine sales representative, dressed to the max in as trendy an outfit as possible, with obligatory super trendy beard. If you have neither seen or met a fashion sales representative then there are many things you should know. The following information does not correspond with all fashion sales reps. but usually those associated with the newest … Continue reading

Buck Rogers, Lycra & Denim

Why was Buck Rogers so fantastic all those years ago, when Gil Gerard was cool, Wilma Dearing was sexy and Tweeki was the pal I always wanted. (Bidi bidi bidi…..what’s up Buck) Today we have nothing that makes me yearn for Saturday night tv. X-factor, Strictly this and dancing on that, where has all the imagination gone we used to … Continue reading

Footwear and Fashion

So the party season is upon us, my brown polyester Safari suit is hung and my cream Cuban Heels are clean and shiny, who ever said that fashion goes round in circles, I don’t know but how long will it be until many items in my wardrobe come back into fashion. One thing that seems to be set in stone … Continue reading

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Investigating Mens Fashion – A brief viewpoint

Introducing the Investigation into men’s fashion. Whether you know it or not we are all invited into the world of men’s fashion every time we open our eyes, if you venture to your local boozer and see the towns minor celebrities dressed to the nines in Ralph Lauren or Gucci, ray-ban sunglasses on indoors, or if you are like me, … Continue reading

Edwin jeans

Ever felt the sudden urge for real quality, ever felt like impersonating one of those Dragons on tv and actually fulfilling a niggling problem that wont go Well here’s someone that has, the real clothing crew wish to introduce Mr Tsunemi. Rearrange the words of DENIM and flip the ‘ M’ and you cleverly get the word EDWIN. Got … Continue reading

Universal Works

New Years resolutions, remember them? Oh yes, the faint memories that are waning in the past I hear you say. Eight weeks into 2012, feel-good food fills the supermarket trolley, comfort food is king again and a sweet local delicacy  graces Real Clothing.. And I don’t mean a ham cob, me duck.Our grizzly-faced management team have been frothing at the mouth … Continue reading

Berlin Rocks!

Our buyers have just visited one of the biggest fashion shows in the world – Bread and Butter, in Berlin. Bread and Butter showcases some of the top designer and streetwear brands of the moment. We are currently travelling far and wide to find hot new brands and trends to compliment our brand mix at For this Spring for … Continue reading

Santa’s Coming

There is still time to order your last minute gifts at By using our next day delivery option for UK orders before 3pm Thursday 22nd you can still get your hands on all the latest designers goodies for the love of your life from all our usual top brands in time for Christmas. Wishing all our customers a wonderful … Continue reading

nspcc fashion show

Real clothing had a great night of fashion and tapas above the theatre deli ,last wednesday night,we raised £1000 for a brilliant cause and a top night was had by all.A big shout out to all our models that took part in the show,to Emily Thornewill for the hair and makeup and to Sarah Tinley at the Theatre Deli for … Continue reading